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UPDATE 1.0 Metal news

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Hello Guys. News UPDATES

1. News Commands: 

  • .delevel - delevel your character by 1 lv !
  • .dispelall - dispell all your buffs !
  • .offannounce msg - sets your offline shop,
  • auto announce message (600s interval).

2. News Mechanisms:

  • Shop offline restore
  • Automatic restore after server restart

3. Announce spawn Boss and killed

Example: Spawn baium


Killed Baium example:



4.Getting a Nobless:

Attention, the quest is not required!
Nobless: (Party) Killing Barakiel (Last Hit)
For you need to have Sub class and level 75+ The part that gives the last hit, wins automatic nobless


5. New patch Drop list and Spoil

New patch Drop list and Spoil
relevant drop from mobs, bosses and epic bosses (according to Metal rates);
relevant spoil from mobs (according to Metal rates);
levels of mobs, bosses and epic bosses;





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